Hi, I’m David—a digital creative, and network administrator. Since graduating univeristy, I've embarked on a career in technology, and especially love building things for the web.

When I’m not staring at pixels, I enjoy being outdoors (despite the British weather), getting lost in a paperback, and drinking coffee. Preferably all at the same time.

Feel free to ping me an email, and check out some of my work below.


Based on Underscores with SCSS, this bespoke WordPress theme was developed for the St Aubyn Centre Therapeutic Education Department—a mental health hospital school I work closely with.

Random Quotes

Using a combination of the Forismatic, and Twitter APIs, this vanilla Javascript app lets you find and tweet inspirational quotes.


This simple Jekyll theme for static blogs, based on Poole, intergrates with Disqus and Google Analytics, and supports Open Graph and Twitter Cards. It even has a “dark mode” for supported devices.

Wikipedia Viewer

By leveraging the power of Wikipedia's API, this app lets you search published articles, and renders the results with React.